Toddler Swing Seat

Toddler Swing Seat

Have a recent addition to the family that needs entertaining? Want to add a toddler swing seat to what you already have set up in your backyard for the little brother or sister you gave your kids? Or maybe you are just looking to make the playground at your school or nursery more toddler friendly? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We have toddler swings ranging from the Little Tikes options to our full bucket style swings. Different infant seat types are going to be right for different swing sets. Some of the differences in our products are simply aesthetic, and some might be a comfort factor for the youngsters using the swing seats.

Whether you have a new structure or an existing one, we promise to have the toddler seat that is going to be the best fit for your playground. Our molded and flexible half and full bucket swings come in all different colors, as do our chains,so you will not have a problem getting the right combination to fit the color of your park now!

Give us a call at (877) 840-0707 if you have any questions about toddler swings and seats! Also take a look at the pricing on our half and full bucket packs(below) to see if they are the one size fit all solution for you.

Toddler (Infant) Swing Packages

Our all-in-1 toddler packages give you a whole setup! For 1 low price, you get 1 seat and 2 chains and 4 U-shackle connectors. These are some of our strongest tested products, made in the USA. For the chains, you can choose between coated or uncoated chains. For more information, click on the links below.

Toddler (Infant) Swing Set Seats

Our very best American-made products give your playground the toughness you need. Swing chains are sold separately. To attach the seats to the chains you will need fasteners.

fully enclosed infant swing US Made
Fully-Enclosed Infant Seat
Made in USA

Swingset parts :: Fully enclosed infant seat for swings.Completely enclosed elastomer.
$85.59 (Part# S-100)

fully enclosed infant toddler seat usa with high back support
Fully-Enclosed Infant Seat
High Back Support (USA)

Swingset parts :: Fully enclosed infant seat with high back support.Completely enclosed high back infant bucket seat for safe swinging.
$88.19 (Part# S-103)

rubber fully enclosed infant toddler seat usa
Swingset parts :: Fully enclosed, rotational molded full bucket seat is tough!Full-Enclosed Rubber
Infant Seat

Our tougest seat. Completely enclosed.
$125.99 (# S-175)
fully enclosed infant seat non usa
Fully-Enclosed Infant Seat

Completely enclosed option with high back support. Many colors
$62.99 (Part# S-25)

fully enclosed rotational infant toddler seat non-usa
Rotational Molded
Infant Seat

Completely enclosed plastic. Many colors!
$79.99 (Part# S-75)

hard infant toddler cradle seat
Hard Cradle

Completely enclosed.
Doesn’t bend.
$204.50 (# SRE-31)

half cradle usa
Infant Cradle Seat
(Made in USA)

Swingset parts :: Cradle seat is partially enclosed.Partially enclosed “half bucket” seat. With front chain.
$58.79 (Part# S-150)

infant cradle seat non usa
Infant Cradle Seat

Partially enclosed with high back support. Many colors! With front cross-chain
$50.25 (Part# S-24)

swingset parts, swing parts, swing replacement parts

ada molded swing
ADA Molded Infant
Swing Seat

$485.99 (#382-407)

infant toddler ada adaptive swing seat
swingsetpartsproADA Adaptive
Infant Swing Seat

$549.00 (#ADP-05)

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