Swing Set Hooks and Fasteners

Swing Set Hooks and Fasteners

Swing hooks are the points at which the chain connects to your seats and where the chains connect to the hangers. There are different options for fastening to swing seats to chains some of the most common (below) are the S-shaped swing hooks and H-shackles. All of our hooks and fasteners do good jobs, but you may want to call us if you have any questions.

Something that you will need to think about if you are putting together these setups yourselves is how you are going to fasten or tighten these hooks and fasteners for your swings. If you are going to be going with the shackle options you are going to need an hex key or allen wrench (we can provide this) to loosen and tighten your fasteners, if you will be going with swing hooks then you will need a means to closing them, in this case your best option is an S-hook plier. We also sell S-hook pliers if needed.

Pricing for Swing Set Hooks and Fasteners

The options and prices — while not very high — do range on these items, so if you have any confusion at all as to what you are going to need and what will be your best option for swing hooks or fasteners give us a call! (877) 840-0707. We are eager to help!

H-Shackle Double Clevis Swing FastenerH-Shackle
Connects swing chains to swing hangers and swing seats. Requires Allen wrench tool.
$4.99 each (Unit# H-172)

Allen WrenchAllen Wrench for Clevis Connectors
Use this tool to open and close Clevises and H-Shackles. Has hole in the face of the wrench, to use with H-Shackles and Clevises.
$2.25 each (Unit# T-01)

single clevis swing fastenerClevis
Connect swing chains to swing hangers and swing seats. Requires Allen wrench tool.
$4.75 each (Unit# SH-40)

swing hookS-Hook 3/8″
Connect your chains & swing hangers. May be opened and closed using S-Hook Pliers.
(Unit# H-04)

tire swing eye boltsEye Bolt
Use these rugged bolts to convert car tires into tire swings. Cut holes in the surface of the tire, clamp on these bolts, then attach the bottom of the swing chains to them. Made from steel. Sold as a set of 3.
$24.99 for a set of 3 (Unit# A-140)
swing hook pliersS-Hook Pliers
This handy tool opens and closes S-Hooks.
(Unit# A-04)

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