Swing Seats

Replacement Swing Seats

Are your swing seats hanging on for dear life? Are your kids eager to get swinging and singing again, but you are not quite sure you want to let them get on that seat that’s just hanging on by a thread? Take a look at a swing seat replacement down below and get your kids playing again outdoors! Give us a call for more assistance in choosing! (877) 840-0707

Commercial Swing Seats

home residential swing seat Home Swing Seats

Whole Replacement Swing Packs

Our all-in-1 swing packages give you a whole swing seat setup! For 1 low price, you get 1 swing seat and 2 swing chains.

Commercial Swing Seats (USA Made and Non-USA)

Our finest swing seats are shown below. Please note that swing chains are sold separately. To attach the seats to the swing chains and chains to the hangers, you will need swing hooks or fasteners.

replacement swing seat belt usa

Belt Seat with
Triangle Attachments

Swingset parts :: Swing belt seats with triangles.The playground standard. Many colors.
$26.59 (Part# S-130)
Non-USA price: See next section.

usa belt swing seats

Belt Swing Seat
Swingset parts :: Swing belt seats with steel grommets.Tough elastomer seat with steel insert & interior steel grommets.
$33.89 (Part# S-110)
Non-USA price: See next section.

replacement swing seat classic flat

Classic Style
Flat Swing Seat

Swingset parts :: Flat plastic belt seat doesn't bend.Tough plastic flat seat that doesn’t bend.
(Part# S-127)
Non-USA price: See next section.

child cradle swing seat

Child Cradle Seat
Swingset parts :: Cradle seat is partially enclosed.Partially enclosed “half bucket” seat. With front safety chain.
$58.79 (Part# S-150)
Non-USA price: See next section.

replacement swing seat fully enclosed

Fully-Enclosed Swing Seat
Swingset parts :: Fully enclosed infant seat for swings.Completely enclosed elastomer seat.
$85.59 (Part# S-100)
Non-USA price: See next section.


high back swing seatsFully-Enclosed Seat with High Back Support
Swingset parts :: Fully enclosed infant seat with high back support.Completely enclosed elastomer seat.
$88.19 (Part# S-103)
Non-USA price: See next section.

replacement swing seat rotationalSwingset parts :: Fully enclosed, rotational molded full bucket seat is tough!Rotational Molded
Fully-Enclosed Seat

Our tougest seat. Completely enclosed.
$125.99 (# S-175)
Non-USA price: See next section.



tire swing seatMolded Plastic Tire
Swing Seats

Tough, yet lightweight, this tire is made from hollow plastic.

Non-USA Commercial Swing Seats
belt triangle swing seatBelt Swing Seatwith
Triangle Hardware

This playground classic comes in many colors.
$21.99 (Part# S-02)
replacement swing seats standardStandard Belt Seat
Belt seat with insert & grommets. Many colors!
$27.49 (Part# S-15)
chain swing seatChain Seat
Flexible, but with more support than belt seats.
$86.49 (# SRE-11)

replacement swing seat flat

Flat Swing Seat
This flat seat is sturdy and doesn’t bend.
(Part# S-17)

flat rubber swing seatSwing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, swing seats, commercial, flat rubberFlat Swing Seat
Flat rubber seat witheyebolts attached and aluminum insert.

replacement swing seats flat rubber

Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, swing seats, commercial, flat rubberMega Flat Seat
Flat rubber seat with A-brackets and aluminum insert. For the largest kids. $112.25 (SRE-18A)

flexible cradle swing seatCradle Seat (Flexible)
Partially enclosed seat with high back support. Many colors! With front safety cross-chain.
$50.25 (Part# S-24)

replacement swing seats solid enclosed

Cradle Seat (Hard)
Completely enclosed. Doesn’t bend.
$174.99 (# SRE-31)

rotational fully encloseed swing seatRotational Molded
Fully-Enclosed Swing Seat

Completely enclosed plastic toddler seat. Many colors!
$79.99 (Part# S-75)
replacement swing seats fully enclosedFully-Enclosed Swing Seat
Completely enclosed seat with high back support. Many colors!
$62.99 (Part# S-25)

Special Needs Swing Seats

These seats meet all your ADA requirements. Will need to purchase
chains and fasteners separately.

replacement swing seats ada molded

ADA Molded
Swing Seat

$485.99 (#382-407)

ada adaptive swing seat

swingsetpartsproADA Adaptive
Swing Seat

$549.00 (#ADP-05)

Playground Swing Seat Options

There are several things that you want to consider when picking a swing seat replacement for your commercial or backyard swing set: Who will be using the swings? What does the swing set itself look like? How much use will the swings set seats be getting?

Who matters because depending on the age of the kid playing it you may want to consider a toddler or bucket swing seat versus a normal belt swing seat. You may also want to consider if you are going to need an adaptive swing seat that is ADA compliant to accommodate any persons bound by wheelchair or other assistive devices.

What your swing set looks like matters because, let’s be honest, we want our playgrounds to look nice. We have all types of color options when it comes to replacement swing seats. You can browse below or give us a call to find out what we have available!

How much use is important because, well, that is why you are here in the first place! Replacement swing seats come made of several types of materials — some built better for heavy use than others. We have options from hard plastic rigid swing seats that don’t give in the middle under the weight of a child and we have the flat belt swing seats that are made of an EDPM blend with a steel insert to help keep the seat resilient while bending a bit underneath an occupant. All of our options are quality.


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