Swing Set Chains

Swing Set Chains

We offer several types of sturdy swing chains. They’re great for use on commercial and residential swing sets. No matter what sort of swing set chain you need, we’ve got you covered.

Chances are your kids love your swing set so much (as they should) that they have worn out your last swing chain to the point that the weakest link has identified itself. It is okay — this happens all the time and we are experts at fixing these sorts problems to get your kids swinging again in no time.

Range of Swing Chain Options for Swing Sets

Our products are made of steel and come in a lengths of 8 feet and 5-1/2 feet, except for our Soft Grip Tube Chains. Swings are great fun but it is important to be safe! If you are looking for a chain that can help prevent getting your kids fingers pinched in the chain, take a look at our Plastisol Coated Chain or our Soft Grip Tube Chains. And if you have any questions about what might the best option for your playground in either length or chain type please give us call — we love to help: (877) 840-0707.

galvanized swing chainsSwingset Parts :: 3/16" Proof Uncoated galvanized metal Coil Chain, made in the USA!Uncoated Galvanized Chains
Strong 3/16″ galvanized swing
chain, tested to 5,500 lbs. of strength. Lengths available:
5.5 feet or 8 feet. Unit #CH-01
plastisol coated chains for seatsSwingset Parts :: 3/16" Plastisol Coated Chain, made in the USA.Plastisol-Coated

Galvanized 3/16″ chain dipped in liquid plastisol. 2 lengths:
5’6″ length
$22.99 each #CH02-5
8′ length
$26.25 each #CH02-8
soft grip swing chainSoft Grip Tube
Swing Chain

Galvanized chain
embedded in soft
gripping surface. Length: 5 feet, including 32″ of soft-grip covering.
$23.75 each

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