Swing Safety Mats

Swing Safety Mats

swing safety mats

For providing extra protection for swing users, our swing safety mats can’t be beat. They’re made from 100% rubber that’s two inches thick. The dimensions of each mat are 40″ long by 30″ x 2″ thick. The edges are bevelled, to minimize tripping and contact points. They’re also great for preventing wood chips and other loose-fill surfacing from getting kicked out by kids’ feet when using the swings. The mats weigh 40 lbs. each. They’re fully certified for safety use on playgrounds, and they comply with a fall height from 4 feet above. (Please note that the actual fall height of a swing set is the height of the horizontal beam above ground level. So, these swing mats are to be used as a supplement to existing play surfacing, not as a substitute for it.)

Features of swing safety mats

  • bevelled edges, to reduce tripping
  • 100% rubber
  • heavy enough (40 lbs.) to stay in place while kids are on the play area …
  • … but not so heavy that you can’t move the mats when needed


  • under swing seats
  • at the end of slides
  • under horizontal ladders (a.k.a. “monkey bars”)
  • basically, anywhere that you have noticed where the play surfacing gets kicked away during playground use, and additional protection is needed

Safety Advisory for swing safety mats

When playground safety is your top priority, you can rely on our swingset safety mats. However, these mats are only for use on top of existing play surfacing. ┬áThese mats aren’t to be used as a substitute for play surfacing, like placed directly over asphalt or black top.

Price: $132.00 each Unit# SWG-05
Note: Because these items ship via motor freight, they cannot be bought through our online shopping cart. Please phone us for more information about them.

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