Special Needs Swing Seats

Special Needs Swing Seats (Adaptive)

Shopping for playground equipment meant to accommodate those students and kids that have to rely on an assistive device can be difficult. There are all sorts of companies manufacturing and selling adaptive special needs swing seats, but it is hard to choose which ones you should rely on because the responsibility of its functioning properly rests on your shoulders. You care very much for your special needs kids, so you want to make sure that the swings that you provide for them are only the safest and most accommodating.

Adaptive swing seats have a few more pieces included in them compared to child swing seats, so this might feel like more of involved process, and it should! The way our special needs swings are built makes them compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All of our adaptive swing seats pass inspection by the ADA’s regulations.

The options that you will see below for wheel chair accessible seats can be adapted to fit nearly any swing structure that you have in place and can be utilized by manual or motorized chairs. Take a look at our adaptive seat options for special needs users and give us a call with any of your questions: (877) 840-0707. We cannot wait to help you out!

Commercial Special Needs Swing Sets

Our special needs commercial swing sets are equipped with adaptive swing seats and provide an option for play on your ADA compliant playground.

Special Needs Swing
Platform with Frame
special needs swing platform

Heavy Duty
Adaptive Combo Swing Set

special needs swing set

Special Needs Swing Options

These adaptive swing seats meet all your ADA requirements. Please note that the swing chains are sold separately. To attach a seat to the chains, you will need fasteners. For ordering information, please phone us toll free.

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