Home Swing Set Parts

Home Swing Set Parts

Replacement home swing set parts are available here. Sometimes, it’s hard replacing for residential swing sets because the manufacture doesn’t sell them separately. A better question is, Do you really want to replace one of these parts again? Our residential hangers and connectors are made by the same commercial companies that manufacture parts for heavily-used swings in parks and rec areas, schools, and more. They’re a little pricier than the ones from big-box stores, but they’re far superior in strength and design. You can see our full selection below.

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Home and Residential Swing Hangers

Swing hangers are the items that attach to the swing beam. You hang the swing chains from the swing hangers. Our home hangers are all designed to attach to the underside of a horizontal wooden beam. (Unfortunately, we don’t sell clamp-style clamps for horizontal metal pipes, but our commercial clamp-design swing hangers are available on this page.)

ez-hang bolt-on model“EZ-Hang” Swing Hanger
ez-hang bolt-on model
This handy hanger has a built-in clevis, for attaching to the swing chain.
$15.25 each
Unit# SH-108

sh107a steel swing hanger
Steel Swing Hanger
steel swing hanger sh30rThis tough hanger requires 1 carriage bolt to attach to the swing beam.
$12.99 each
Unit# SH-30R

SH06R polymer swing hangerPolymer Swing Hanger
fully enclosed usa-made home swing seatTough plastic hanger. Bolts on to wooden swing beam.
$9.99 each
Unit# SH-06R

sh15r bolt swing hangerBolt Swing Hanger

fully enclosed usa-made home swing seatAttaches through vertical hole in wood beam.
Shaft lengths of
4″, 5″, or 6″.
All sizes
$4.25 each
Unit# SH-15R
sh-07r heavy duty home tire swing hangerHeavy-Duty Home Tire Hanger
ez-hang bolt-on modelTough tire hanger for wooden swing sets.
$50.49 each
Unit# SH-07R

light home tire swing hangerLight
 Home Tire Swing Hanger

steel swing hanger sh30rStandard tire hanger for wooden swing sets.
$24.99 each
Unit# A-125

 Swing Chains for Home Swing Set Parts

Swing chains are available here for home use in 3 varieties: uncoated steel (in 5-1/2′ and 8′ lengths); steel dipped in plastisol (in 5-1/2′ and 8′ lengths); and steel chain embedded in “soft-grip” rubber (in 5′ lengths). (We do not sell swing chains with a loose plastic casing on them.)

galvanized swing chainsSwingset Parts :: 3/16" Proof Uncoated galvanized metal Coil Chain, made in the USA!Uncoated Galvanized Chains
Strong 3/16″ galvanized swing
chain, tested to 5,500 lbs. of strength. Lengths available:
5.5 feet or 8 feet. Unit #CH-01
plastisol coated chains for seatsSwingset Parts :: 3/16" Plastisol Coated Chain, made in the USA.Plastisol-Coated

Galvanized 3/16″ chain dipped in liquid plastisol. 2 lengths:
5’6″ length
$22.99 each #CH02-5
8′ length
$26.25 each #CH02-8
soft grip swing chainSoft Grip Tube
Swing Chain

Galvanized chain
embedded in soft
gripping surface. Length: 5 feet, including 32″ of soft-grip covering.
$23.75 each

 Swing Connectors for Home Swing Set Parts

Swing connectors are the small pieces that connect the top of the swing chains with the swing hanger. They also connect the bottom of the swing chains to the swing seat.

H-Shackle Double Clevis Swing FastenerDouble Clevis “H-Shackle”
Connects swing chains to swing hangers and swing seats. (Requires our special Allen wrench tool.)
$4.99 each
Unit #H172

single clevis swing fastener
Connect swing chains to swing hangers and swing seats. (Requires our special Allen wrench tool.)
$4.75 each
Unit# SH-40
residential spring loaded connector clipsSpring-Loaded Clips
Similar to a carabiner, this spring-clip is the easiest way to connect home swing parts.
Two sizes:
5/16″ x 3″ and 3/8″ x 3-1/2″
Allen Wrench for Clevis ConnectorsSpecial Allen Wrench
This tool opens and closes Double Clevises and Clevises. Has hole in the face of the wrench.
$2.25 each Unit# T-01

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