Home Children’s Swing Seats

Home Children’s Swing Seats

Your backyard swing set sees a lot of action, from your children and their friends.  If you need a replacement swing seat, stay clear of the cheap models you find at big box stores and go for one of our residential seats. We have a full selection of USA-made seats and non-USA seats that are built to last. Many of our USA seats are rated up to 5,000 lbs. of strength, and even the non-USA models will last a good long time.

Home and Residential Swing Seats

Here is a selection of our USA-made home swing seats (for non-USA, see the next section below). For your information, the prices shown includes only the seat; chains, fasteners, and clamps are sold separately.

s180 usa made home belt seatFlexible Belt Seat (USA-Made)
usa-made flexible belt seat
Our strong home belt seat rated to 1,300 lbs. of strength. Four colors available.
Unit# S-180

residential s165 half bucket seatSemi-Enclosed Seat
semi enclosed residential swing seatThis “half-bucket” seat is partially enclosed. Comes with safety cross-chain.
Unit# S-165

s107 fully enclosed usa home seatEnclosed Seat
fully enclosed usa-made home swing seatOur USA “full bucket” seat has a steel insert and polymer coating. Many colors.
Unit# S-107

Home Child Swing :: Residential

These swing seats are made for residential use and manufactured overseas. They’re not as strong as our USA seats, but they’re still a good option for home swing use.

seats_residential_s09rBelt Swing Seat
The home playground classic seat, in many colors.
Unit# S-09R
seats_residential_s31rRoped Belt Swing Seat
Flexible swing seat attached to 2 ropes, ready to hang!
Unit# S-31R
playgroundparts_residential_beltseat_plastisolchains_S35R-Belt Swing Seat with Coated Chains
Many colors available. Ready to hang from your swing set.
Unit# S-35R
playgroundparts_residential_beltseat_softgripchain_S36R-Belt Swing Seat with Soft-Grip Chains
Swing seat and chains with thick grip, for smaller children.
Unit# S-36R

“Komfort” Flat Swing Seat

Light-weight flat swing seat for home playgrounds.
Unit# S-05R

Flat Swing Seat

Sturdy flat seat with 2 large triangle attachments.
Unit# S-17
swingsetparts_homeresidential_seats_disc-Disc Seat with Rope
Ready to hang from your swing set, for 360° fun.
Unit# S-44R

Special Needs Swing Seats

These swing seats are ADA-certified. They can be attached to a sturdy swing set structure, but you’ll want to make sure it can handle the weight load (some residential swing sets are built for very light-duty use).

child swing seats special needsMolded Child
Swing Seat

Sturdy roto-molded seat for children.
Unit# 382-407

special needs kids swing adaptiveswingsetpartsproADA Adaptive
Swing Seat

Large ADA swing seat with harness.
$549.00 Unit#ADP-05

On this page, you’ll see a full selection of home swing seats. Choose from flexible belt seats, flat seats, semi-enclosed seats, and even “full-bucket” fully enclosed seats for the little playground visitors. Many are made by the same companies who manufacture our commercial seats, so you know you’re getting quality from a company that knows the playground business well.

If you have any questions, just phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707. We’re standing by to answer your questions. Or, just fill out an information request on the right-hand side of this web page.

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