Child Swing Seats

Children and Kids Swing Seats

It’s likely that your children have put a beating on your current swings and it’s time for a replacement! We understand — swings are supposed to be FUN, and the better a time the kids are having, the sooner those swing seats are going to wear out. Don’t be worried about finding new child swing seats — it’s practically proof of a job well done for the person who is in charge of making sure they have a good time.

Kids Swing Packs ON SALE NOW!

These all-in-1 swing packages provide a whole new set-up for your swingset structure. Each one comes with 1 seat, 4 connectors, and 2 chains. Stock up now for spring … it’s it’ll be here before you know it!

Swing Seats for Kids

Our finest swing seats are shown below. Please note that the other components are sold separately, like swing chains. Also, to attach the seats to the swing chains, and to attach the chains to the hangers, you will need fasteners.

child belt seat

Belt Seat with
Triangle Attachments

Swingset parts :: Swing belt seats with triangles.The playground standard.
Many colors.
Unit# S-130
Non-USA price: See next section.

belt seatBelt Seat for Kids,
With Grommets
Swingset parts :: Swing belt seats with steel grommets.Tough elastomer seat with
steel insert & interior grommets.
Unit# S-110
Non-USA price: See next section.

classic flat child seat

Classic Flat Swing Seat
Swingset parts :: Flat plastic belt seat doesn't bend.Tough plastic that doesn’t bend. Includes triangle hardware.
Unit# S-127
Non-USA price: See next section.

cradle swing seat

Child Cradle Model
Swingset parts :: Cradle seat is partially enclosed.Partially enclosed “half bucket” seat. With front safety chain.
Unit# S-150
Non-USA price: See next section.

kevlar swing seatKevlar Belt Seat
Swingset parts :: Swing belt seats with triangles.Belt seat rated to 10,000
pounds of strength.
Part# S-140

Child Swing :: Commercial (Non-USA)

Choose from our wide selection of child swings here. We feature kids swings made in the USA and other countries, in a variety of styles of sizes.

belt swing non usaBelt Swing Seatwith
Triangle Hardware

This playground classic comes in
many colors.
$21.99 (Part# S-02)
belt swing non usaStandard Belt Model For Kids
Belt with insert and grommets. Many colors and options for kids!
$27.49 (Part# S-15)
chain model swingChain Seat
Flexible, but with more
support than belt style.
$86.49 (# SRE-11)

flat child swing

Commercial Flat Model
This flat style is sturdy and
doesn’t bend. Several colors.
(Part# S-17)

flat swing ukSwing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, swing seats, commercial, flat rubberFlat Swing Seat
for Kids (UK)

Flat rubber seat with eyebolts attached and aluminum insert.

mega flat child swing seats for kids

Swing parts, swingparts, swingset parts, swing seats, commercial, flat rubberMega Flat Swing Model
Flat rubber seat with A-brackets and aluminum insert. For the largest kids. $132.50 (SRE-18A)

flexible child cradle swing seatFlexible Cradle Seat
Partially enclosed seat with high back support. Many colors! With front safety cross-chain.
$50.25 (Part# S-24)

Special Needs Child Swing Seats

Our special needs seats are fully complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Many of these products come with chains, but please contact us to make sure.

special needs seat with yokeADA Molded Child
Swing Seat

$499.99 (#ADA-001)

So what are you options in child swing seats? You have a few depending on your preference in color, shape and manufacturing. Almost all products are compatible with the chains you already have in place. It will just need fasteners to attach the two together. You can find fasteners here.

If you have specific questions about a certain product: from flat design to belt design we can answer them for you. Please give us a call and we’ll answer any of your questions: (877) 840-0707.

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